Making Momo's

We made momos for supper last night.  Dough filled with vegetable mixture.  Kind of like dumplings. I could not eat them but enjoyed the fun.  I cannot find very many gluten free products, however rice noodles, riceand veges are the staple for me.  In the picture is Ranu, Sakchum, Puran, Megan, Damien, Christian and I all making momos. Ranu is one of the housekeepers,  along with Sita. Sakchum is one of the night staff, along wth Babu and Puran is our basecamp coordinator. Everyone has taken very good care of everything. Puran has been our orientation teacher, very patiently teaching us the Nepali language.  He has also shown us how to get around the city, take a bus and taxi etc. Most definitely helpful! 

 Looking forward to starting our placement next week but very glad to have this week to get accustomed to it all.

posted by: Jen (reply)
post date: 03.06.13 (1:57 pm)

Looks like u guys are having great time ! Glad u r feeling more comfortable. Hows the power outages?

posted by: surrogate (reply)
post date: 03.06.13 (5:44 pm)

Sounds like a great time.

posted by: footprints (reply)
post date: 03.06.13 (5:59 pm)

I recommend this experience to everyone.

posted by: footprints (reply)
post date: 03.06.13 (6:02 pm)

This is like nothing I hv done before. The power being out has not been that bad. We have to plan around it to charge phones and stuff. I haven't watched tv since here but enjoy the break.

posted by: Kirsten (reply)
post date: 04.05.13 (6:16 am)

OMG!! Got your postcard, the elephants are soon cute! This is doesn't feel like your so far away. Have fun! Love K

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